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Films and Entertainment with Personal Finance in Mind.

Financial Edutainment.

If you like boring classroom drivel about financial education, Spondulics is NOT for you! If you prefer to be entertained and learn a little about personal finances along the way, then start using Spondulics now!

Spondulics features films and other entertainment that have an aspect of personal finance within the content. However, Spondulics wants you to enjoy watching the channel, so no boring stuff here! Laugh, cry, and build empathy for the characters in these unique shows. Then explore more to help you in your financial life!

FPP believes in the power of entertainment used to help others learn (Walt Disney called it "edutainment"). Spondulics TV is intended to get people of all ages viewing entertaining content with the hope that you will learn while watching!

Also, Spondulics has content for those working to help others become more financially capable! Financial Capability practitioners are highly encouraged to download this app and interact with The Institute for Financial Capability!

Spondulics TV is operated by Florida Prosperity Partnership, often referred to as FPP, a 501(c)(3) non-profit coalition of thousands of Financial Capability practitioners in and beyond Florida who primarily serve low- and moderate-income individuals and households.

The FPP Coalition is comprised of Florida-based, domestic and international organizations and practitioners representing non-profits, financial institutions, academia, government agencies, for-profit enterprises and more, all committed to generating a collective impact.

Through coalition engagement, FPP's Financial Capability practitioners build knowledge, skill and understanding to elevate people and communities from Financial Crisis to Stability, Security, Well-Being and Prosperity.

"The Mission of FPP is to Elevate Financial Capability for All."

FPP Coalition Guiding Principles





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How FPP Coalition Fulfills Its Mission

FPP stimulates community involvement by providing coalition partners with the knowledge, insights and resources that help them engage with and inform local leaders.
FPP influences change in public policy while supporting coalition partners as they facilitate access to local constituents.
FPP identifies, models and generates learning initiatives for coalition partners that strengthen Financial Capability for practitioners, youth and adults.
FPP inspires collaboration among business, government, academia and investor constituencies that collectively must be part of the integrated solution.
FPP leads and inspires with a talented board, coalition support staff, operations and diverse coalition members and partners that drive the statewide Financial Capability movement.
FPP actively engages with coalition members and partners, giving them a bigger, more influential voice and increasing their capacity to impact their local communities so they may reach people where they Live, Learn, Work, Bank, Start Businesses, Get Healthy, Receive Social Services, Worship and Are Entertained.