Brunch & Budget

Hosted by Pam Capalad and Dyalekt

The show about personal finance and racial wealth equity. From how we bank, to our how credit scores are calculated, to how we are kept in the dark about investing, to how we pay our taxes, the system is set up for us to get caught in a debt/povery cycle and stay running just to tread water. The rules change all the time so that the people on top stay on top.

What if you not only knew the rules, but knew exactly how to apply it to your own financial situation? What if you were able to not only reverse your financial mistakes, but start making the rules work for you?

If you are ready to see change, tune in!


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Brunch & Budget

Dyalekt and Pam, cohosts of the Brunch & Budget podcast, are excited to partner With Spondulics on creating engaging and accessible content to help viewers become more financially resilient and build generational wealth.

Pam Capaland CFP, AFC | Founder & CEO

I devoted my life to financial literacy to help you get to that place in your life. You know that place. That place where you close your eyes and feel perfectly at peace and energized all at the same time. That place where you know you’re at your best, that you were somehow built for this, this thing you’re doing that you can’t believe you get to spend your life doing.

Life isn’t about cringing every time you run your credit card through a cash register or dodging calls from bill collectors. It’s not about the next paycheck, next rent check, next job, next in line.

Life is about finding your why.

Dyalekt | Podcast Host, Workshop MC, See Change MC

As a mixed race Carribean kid, I had trouble figuring out where to find roles that I felt comfortable playing. I started writing for myself and others by turning my music into plays. Every piece I create has an educational component. It's the 'each one teach one' part of Hip Hop.

I've been an entrepreneur since my teenage days, and tell my students that the only thing that gets me out of my house before 10am is talking to kids. Since the essence of Hip Hop is making something from nothing, I have rapped, written, and performed every freelance gig avaialble to my skill set. I linked up with Pockets Change and cohost the Brunch & Budget podcast to help people find freedom in expression, understanding, and their finances.