Sammy Rabbit

Hosted by Sam X Renick

Our aim is to grow Sammy Rabbit into a global source and force for big dreams and great habits, starting with money habits.

Sammy's vision and objective are to develop generations of children who possess and practice great habits, who become self sufficient, and capable of making their big dreams come true!

Check out Sammy's vision and track record.


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Sammy Rabbit

Sam X Renick

Sam X Renick is an award-winning financial educator, children's author, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He is the driving force behind Sammy Rabbit, and his mission is to make it easy for anyone to talk to and teach kids about great money habits beginning with kids as young as 3.

Sam's exemplary work with over a quarter million children has resulted in multiple honors for himself and others, including the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education Muriel F. Siebert Lifetime Achievement Award.

His efforts have been chronicled and quoted by a variety of media including NPR, MSN, the New York Times. Yahoo Finance, the Armed Forces Network, Kiplinger, etc.