Hosted by Sooper Cooper and Wally Street Willy

Aligned with K-12 National Education Standard with animated fun and kid-friendly with informative and concise financial education videos.

Sooper Cooper and Wall Street Willy would like to take you along in this journey of exploring the world of finance - please see the videos below to get an introduction to these two fabulous guys!


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Rishi Vamdatt | Founder & Creator

Mission Statement
Spreading financial literacy by breaking down complex financial concepts in a way that even kids and beginners can easily understand.

Finance is your Friend
I started my YouTube channel and this website in 2018 as an 8-year old, fascinated with the world of personal finance and entrepreneurship!

I love to read personal finance books and keep myself updated on the latest by reading various personal finance magazines. One of my favorite TV shows is Shark Tank.

Since I was 6, I have been investing all my allowances, chore money and cash gifts in stocks to build my retirement fund. While the amounts I invest are not large, I am sure this would grow into a hefty sum by the time I retire thanks to the power of compounding. I plan to supplement it by investing in Roth IRA and 401k once I start earning. My friends often ask me questions about finance because they find it complex and intimidating. That's what inspired me to start my YouTube channel and this website. Through my videos, I hope to break down complex financial terms in a way that even kids can understand. I would love for my friends to be as excited about finance as I am!