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Labdoulics is an idea I came up with on the second day of the internship. All I had was saving, investing, and time machine in my head, and I was going to get it done; though it came out nothing like it was intended. Labdoulics is about a millionaire who got his money stolen due to making two bad financial mistakes, playing with credit and posting his social security number online. In order to live his “lavish” lifestyle, he decides to make a sales video with whatever money he has left, pitching some of his “finest” money technology.

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About Inefta

Inefta Murray is a 11th grader who was introduced to the STEP internship by FPP’s media manager, Mirrikat Murray. Prior to this internship he had no idea how to film or edit any kind of video, his only experience being in scriptwriting. Due to this, he was very nervous about doing the internship, but it proved to be less stressful than he thought. Inefta’s film was made with the: best teammates in the world, encouragement and guidance from his bosses, and impromptu lines.