Hosted by Hassan Thomas and Remy Green

In each episode, Hassan Thomas and Remy Green strive to educate listeners by sharing some of the most useful tips on budgeting, generating wealth, stock investing, and gaining financial freedom which leads to overall peace.

Tune in every Friday to discover ways to develop sound financial judgment, break the cycle of generational poverty, and begin your path to building a better financial future.


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For Your Information Financial Literacy & Investing

Welcome to FYI FLI (The Podcast) which stands for - "For Your Information Financial Literacy & Investing" - a weekly chat about financial literacy, investing, and everything in-between. The program aims to promote financial literacy while eliminating financial illiteracy and teaching millenials how to manage and grow their money through its financial literacy app, website, and other financial literacy resources.

Hassan Thomas | Founder & Podcast Host

Prior to creating FYI FLI, Hassan was a full-time student athlete at Maryville College in Tennessee. After interning at global trade associations like the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Hassan made the monumental decision to blaze his own career path and launch an enterprise of viable, financial tech-driven projects designed to posivitively impact the market.

Remy Green | Podcast Host

A true trendsetter and a leader of his peers, Remy has paved many roads in an attempt to aid others and looks forward to imparting financial wisdom. Remy currently holds the position of President for both the Senior Class as well as the American Marketing Association at Maryville College.