Connecting the Pieces

Hosted by Bill Mills

Bill Mills, President and CEO of FPP, the parent company of Spondulics, hosts the financial capability interview show, Connecting the Pieces. The show brings guests in from around the country to discuss ways to better people's financial lives! Bill actively engages with experts that reach people where they Live, Learn, Work, Bank, Start Business, Get Healthy, Receive Social Services, Worship, and Are Entertained. It is all about connecting all of the pieces together to bring people from financial crisis to stability, security, and on to prosperity.

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FPP Coalition

Bill Mills | CEO & President

While working for a large regional bank. Bill started volunteering with FPP Coalition in the very early stages of the organization, helping to form its strategic plan.

Now, as FPP Coalition's President and CEO, he continues to share his passion for empowering individuals and organizations to engender a more prosperous Floridian.

He holds a BSBA in Marketing from University of Central Florida. Bill is a proud father of three and is married to the love of his life, Emma.