Pamala McCoy Show

Hosted by Pamala McCoy

She will bring her ‘meet you where you're at’ style regularly to the Spondulics audience via segments of The Pamala McCoy Show as well as brief plug-in segments called BONA5D BITS. Each style of segment will cover subjects related to all things credit, personal money management. self-esteem, identity theft, generational wealth, entrepreneurship—just to name a few, as well as topics suggested by viewers.


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Pamala McCoy | Founder & CEO

Pamala McCoy is the founder of BONA5D Credit Consultants LLC and B5 ReAffirm, where the overarching mission is to “EMPOWER PEOPLE TO BECOME BETTER VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES: fiscally and emotionally. She specializes in a holistic approach to provide the greatest impact, meaning that each person she is blessed to touch is better in some way because their paths have crossed. She is an author, an international speaker, empowerment evolutionary, and creator of the B5 ReAffirmation Box.

Innately, Pamala is an engaging problem solver, simplifying the approach to fiscal and self-esteem issues that most people find burdensome. She tailors her message to anyone-at every stage of life.