The *it Show

Hosted by Ilene Slatko

Financial education for young women - because understanding money can feel like such an *it show!


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DSS Consulting

Ilene Slatko | CEO

Ilene Slatko is the CEO and Principal of DSS Consulting. Ms. Slatko is a seasoned speaker, coach, and consultant. She spent 25 years as a coach and consultant.

DSS Consulting provides clients with behavioral and financial decision-making strategies. Through her programs and coaching Ilene takes clients through various aspects of their financial journey, uncovering limiting beliefs and helping to change the stories they tell themselves. Her guiding philosophy is that we are all stronger and more resilient with better financial mastery.

llene acquired substantial financial expertise first as a top rookie within the Merrill Lynch organization and later as the sales manager to the largest regional brokerage firm in the Washington, D.C. area. She built her financial career as the author of the 4-part series, Women and Their Money. Often fast-paced and always fun, Ilene helps to make complex subjects understandable for audiences.

Ms. Slatko is a popular podcast guest and was previously the voice of the stock market reports on a well-known D.C. radio, the subject of several industry publications and featured in a CBS report on financial advisors. She is a coach on the FinLit app AskFinny.

Ilene has brought her expertise to other audiences as well. Among those, she taught financial literacy for the Boys and Girls Club, students at the University of Delaware, and for inmates awaiting release in North Carolina.

Throughout her career, Ilene has been an ardent supporter of not-for-profit organizations and has served on the boards of organizations benefiting arts, children, and historic preservation.

Ms. Slatko recently finished her first children’s book and is working on a series for the four to eight-year old audience. She currently resides in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, where she was raised.