How to be Successful at Filing your VA Claim

Hosted by Dewayne Kimble

Dewayne Kimble leads a veteran-owned business that enhances the veteran's knowledge and understanding of the VA disability compensation claims process so the veteran may maximize their VA compensation benefits. The aim is to educate veterans on the VA claims process to alleviate frustration and confusion to achieve the best outcome and due process their claim deserves. Veterans have sacrificed their time and efforts to protect our country and deserve the VA disability compensation benefits they are now entitled. Don't be frustrated, get educated.

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KMD89 VA Claims Consulting

Dewayne Kimble | Founder & Army Veteran

"Leave No Vet Behind"

Years of experience writing rating decisions, deciding service connection reviewing disability claims, service medical/treatment records, compensation and pension exams/disability benefit questionnaires to include nexus statements, and facilitating rating hearings and ultimately deciding the outcome of these claims, Dewayne saw firsthand what was missing from the veterans claim packets and the mental, financial, and emotional impacts these outcomes had on veterans and their families.

With past tenure as a Journeyman, Rating Veteran Service Representative Dewayne was directly involved in the VA Disability Compensation Claims decision process. This provided him with invaluable insight around the necessary paperwork and processes veterans must go through while trying to receive compensation benefits.

This inspired him to create KMD89 VA Claims Consulting “LEAVE NO VET BEHIND" and create a process that helps EDUCATE veterans successfully to maximize their VA disability compensation benefits. KMD89 VA Claims Consulting ensures that “No Vet is Left Behind" and their claim receives the due process it deserves.