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The Host of Spondulics: Amanda Paolicelli

Amanda Paolicelli is an actress and singer based in Orlando, Florida. As of May 2020, she has graduated from the University of Central Florida earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Studies with a minor in Business Administration. She is the Host and Virtual Content Ambassador for Spondulics, and has starred in multiple short films. Amanda has received local and regional recognition and awards for her multiple portrayals in theatre.

The Truth About Credit: Sherod Halliburton

Sherod Halliburton is excited to join Spondulics. As the CEO of a Financial Institution focused on building member credit and finances, combined with five years of experience working for Equifax, Sherod brings a unique insider perspective on credit and personal finance that you cannot get anywhere else. Join Sherod behind the curtain at The Truth About Credit to find out how credit really works.

How To Be Successful At Filing Your VA Claim: Dewayne Kimble

Dewayne Kimble leads a veteran-owned business that enhances the veteran’s knowledge and understanding of the VA disability compensation claims process, so the veteran may maximize their VA compensation benefits. The aim is to educate veterans on the VA claims process to alleviate frustration and confusion to achieve the best outcome and due process their claim deserves. Veterans have sacrificed their time and efforts to protect our country and deserve the VA disability compensation benefits they are now entitled.

Brunch and Budget: Pam and Dyalekt

The show about personal finance and racial wealth equity: from how we bank, to our how credit scores are calculated, to how we are kept in the dark about investing, to how we pay our taxes, the system is set up for us to get caught in a debt/poverty cycle and stay running just to tread water. The rules change all the time so the people on top stay on top.

What if you not only knew the rules, but knew exactly how to apply it to your own financial situation? What if you were able to not only reverse your financial mistakes, but start making the rules work for you?

If you're ready to See Change, tune in! Check out brunchandbudget.com for more resources;

Dyalekt and Pam, cohosts of the Brunch & Budget podcast, are excited to partner with Spondulics on creating engaging and accessible content to help viewers become more financially resilient and build generational wealth.

Pamala McCoy Show: Pamala McCoy

Pamala McCoy is the founder of BONA5D Credit Consultants, LLC, and B5 ReAffirm, where the overarching mission is to “EMPOWER PEOPLE TO BECOME BETTER VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES” fiscally and emotionally. She specializes in a holistic approach to provide the greatest impact, meaning that each person she is blessed to touch is better in some way because their paths have crossed. She is an author, an international speaker, empowerment evolutionary, and creator of the B5 ReAffirmation Box.

Innately, Pamala is an engaging problem solver, simplifying the approach to fiscal and self-esteem issues that most people find burdensome. She tailors her message to fit anyone—at every stage of life.

She will bring her ‘meet you where you’re at’ style regularly to the Spondulics audience via segments of The Pamala McCoy Show as well as brief plug-in segments called BONA5D BITS. Each style of segment will cover subjects related to all things credit, personal money management, self-esteem, identity theft, generational wealth, entrepreneurship—just to name a few, as well as topics suggested by viewers.

Cyber Brats: Ken Harris

Volunteer AARP Digital Fraud Fighter Ken Harris conveys cyber security awareness and scam prevention tips through puppetry. His program, “Cyber Brats”, is a fictional radio talk show featuring hilarious characters who don’t always see eye to eye; but have a passion for helping viewers.

Each week, Host Cyber Sly and his squad highlight evolving topics regarding phishing scams, malware, proper usage of work-related devices, lottery cons, grandparent scam, and much more! Be sure to check out the fun and informative episodes

Ken, a trained stage actor with Springfield’s Jalupa Productions, has used puppets to educate and entertain consumers at the Digi Vancouver International Puppet Festival, The Puppet Showplace Slam, and the Virtual StringsNThings Puppet Slam. In addition, Ken has used marionettes, shadow puppets, and hand puppets to encourage children’s reading at his local YMCA, The Boys and Girls Club, Springfield’s 2019 Art Stop, various preschools, and many other venues across western Massachusetts and Connecticut.

With his background working in the Criminal Justice field working as a Reserve Police Officer, Correctional Officer, and Courthouse Security Officer, he is honored for the opportunity on Spondulics to blend his experience and passion in our never-ending challenges to be safe and secure.

Thank you for your support!

Sammy Rabbit: Sam X Renick

Sam X Renick is an award-winning financial educator, children's author, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He is the driving force behind Sammy Rabbit, and his mission to make it easy for anyone to talk to and teach kids about great money habits beginning with kids as young as 3.

Sam's exemplary work with over a quarter million children has resulted in multiple honors for himself and others, including the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education Muriel F. Siebert Lifetime Achievement Award.

His efforts have been chronicled and quoted by a variety of media including NPR, MSN, the New York Times, Yahoo Finance, the Armed Forces Network, Kiplinger, etc. You can discover more about Sam and Sammy at SammyRabbit.com and SamXRenick.com

The Lionel Shipman Shape Your Finances Show: Lionel Shipman

Lionel has over 20 years of experience in the banking and financial services industry. As a Financial and Life Empowerment Consultant and Owner of Shipman Consulting, Lionel facilitates seminars and workshops in the areas of financial literacy, business, banking and life skills for high schools & colleges, churches and businesses. He is also an engaging speaker for conferences, workshops, seminars, panel discussions, assemblies, motivational sessions and other events.

He is the host of the radio show, The Lionel Shipman $HAPE YOUR FINANCES Show, a financial and life empowerment radio show focusing on educating and motivating people to improve their financial outlooks and empower them to take charge of their lives and to live life to the fullest. For details of the show, please visit the websites: Shipmanconsulting.com and CWRTalknetwork.com.

Lionel is the author of the two books, “Sacred Vows-The Knot Or Not” and “Money Responsibly.” Sacred Vows is a relationship communication book for couples seeking to be married or who are already married. It addresses for 4 topics: Family, Lifestyle, Finances, and Sex/Intimacy.

Money Responsibly is a resourceful finance book which helps you 1) look at how your money mindset was established, 2) assess how you view money, and 3) make the necessary adjustments in life so you can become empowered to manage your financial life going forward.

Both books are sold on Amazon. Autographed copies can be requested at Shipmanconsulting.com/contactus.html

Website: Shipmanconsulting.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lionelshipman
FaceBook: Lionel Shipman
Twitter: @LShipmanSC
Instagram: @IamLionelShipman

Realize Your Potential: Travis Walker and Michael Williams

The show, "Realize Your Potential" with Mike Williams and Travis Walker, are 10- to 15-minute episodes (as long as 25 minutes with guests), focusing on tips learned from the wins and failures that have helped the hosts reach tangible and intangible high levels of success.

The show will deal with everyday topics for the everyday person who is trying to deal with a new normal. This show is your guide to personal growth and motivation. This show helps you realize you do not have to be blessed with high levels of athletic ability, great acting chops, an unrivaled comedic sense, or genius in the tech field to find high levels of success. What you are reaching for, people have achieved, and the show’s goal is to be your guide on your journey to your own success.

Travis Walker is a successful sales leader. He is a VP-level leader who inspires top-level sales performance in depressed markets. Travis is known as the “turnaround” guy. Every territory he has been asked to take over has been at its most depressed state, and he has been called to turn it into a profitable business. Travis has been responsible for a $200 million dollar balance sheet. He has managed over 1100+ employees, generating over $1 billion dollars in annual revenue. Mr. Walker has extensive experience in managing outside and inside sales teams, lead generators and account managers.

Travis Walker always begins with hiring and retaining top talent. He is a firm believer that if he has the best people, he will win. Once you have the best people, you must train and develop them. Once they are trained and developed, you coach constantly to unlock the employees’ maximum potential. Travis preaches daily execution; “Win the day, then win the next, and by the end of the month, you win the month.” A simple philosophy, but it has led to some of the biggest turnarounds at some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Tesla/SolarCity.

Travis Walker is an ICF-certified and trained coach. Travis has a B.S. from Santa Clara University, one of the best universities in the world; and earned his J.D. from a top-25 law school, University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana. He is a published writer. The accomplishment he is most proud of is being a father of three and a loving husband.

Travis Walker’s true value is his almost 15 years of sales and leadership knowledge and experience. He is a team-builder and a profit magnet. He brings a diverse way of thinking that allows him the ability to unlock the potential of the employees around him.

Michael Williams is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist. He has over 16 years of experience working in Mental Health and Social Services. He has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Organization Psychology from Saint Mary’s College of California and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of San Francisco.

Mike has held leadership positions in community-based and county governmental organizations. He also has been trained as a Professional Certified Coach while working through accreditation through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He has a huge passion for supporting individuals, children and families to experience success.

Mr. Williams has an equal level of passion for supporting leaders to develop and achieve their vision of success as leaders. Helping others identify their vision of success is an art form which he views as an honor to walk side-by-side with those experiencing a lull.